Spring PetClinic Forks

The Spring Petclinic “canonical” implementation is hosted in the GitHub spring-projects.

All forks are centralized to the special GitHub org spring-petclinic.

Project GitHub Stars Description Main technologies
spring-petclinic stars Official version of Spring PetClinic based on Spring Boot and Thymeleaf
spring-petclinic-microservices stars Distributed version of Spring Petclinic built with Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS
spring-framework-petclinic stars Spring Framework XML configuration, JSP pages, 3 persistence layers: JDBC, JPA and Spring Data JPA
javaconfig branch stars Same frameworks as the spring-framework-petclinic but with Java Configuration instead of XML
spring-petclinic-rest stars Backend REST API  
spring-petclinic-kotlin stars Kotlin version of spring-petclinic
spring-petclinic-reactjs stars ReactJS (with TypeScript) and Spring Boot
spring-petclinic-angular stars Angular front-end of the Petclinic REST API spring-petclinic-rest
spring-petclinic-graphql stars GraphQL version based on React Appolo, TypeScript and GraphQL Spring boot starter
spring-petclinic-cloud stars Fork of the spring-petclinic-microservices project packaged to be deployed on several Cloud platforms: Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry
spring-petclinic-angularjs stars AngularJS, Spring Boot and Spring Data JPA
spring-petclinic-data-jdbc stars Branch of the official Spring PetClinic application with domain & persistence layer built with Spring Data JDBC instead of Spring Data JPA
spring-petclinic-reactive stars Reactive version of Spring PetClinic sample application based on Spring Webflux and Cassandra
spring-petclinic-microservices-on-azure stars Deploy, automate and monitor distributed version of Spring Petclinic built with Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS on Azure Spring Cloud
spring-petclinic-mustache stars Classic Spring PetClinic with Mustache templates
spring-petclinic-vaadin-fusion stars Vaadin Fusion implementation of the Spring PetClinic sample including Reactive TypeScript frontend using Lit
spring-petclinic-vaadin-flow stars Vaadin Flow implementation of the Spring PetClinic sample build 100% in Java without writing HTML or JavaScript